The 3D technology we developed since 2007 allowed us to give depth and life to pictures. Our ambition is to design emotional experiences to approach people to Art with a totally unique and innovative way through the use of video. Thanks to accurate digital processing we added to paintings both third and fourth dimensions. With third dimension paintings acquired depth, with fourth dimension (the time) they acquired movement and therefore have come to life. In this way the screen becomes a true “living painting”, so you can virtually walk into the works. The vision of depth and life inside paintings is given discreetly so that you have time to assimilate emotions conveyed by the paintings and identify yourself in the scene. In this way the screen between the viewer and the paintings is transformed into a thin window that allows almost looking out to contemplate the life described in artworks.

We also recreate real soundscapes specific for each painting with a dynamic reproduction that allows a natural immersion into the acoustic environment. DVDs are designed to enrich your environment, so you have 3D live paintings in your home, with real sound scapes and relaxing music!

Through an emotional experience particularly innovative, involving and artistical we created a new opportunity to propose Art. The final multimedia product has not denatured the original works, but rather has enhanced their intrinsic beauty, also by offering numerous educational and teaching ideas. They are environmental DVDs, designed to enrich the environment in order to have 3D live paintings in your home, with real soundscapes and relaxing music. In this way the vision of every painting becomes a unique and exciting experience, like a poetic journey through the time and the beauty of Art.

Our 3D HD technology can be used also to develop similar multimedia and divulgative projects on DVD and Blu-ray

We were presented by Sony in Las Vegas during NAB 2010, the world's largest event dedicated to digital media. In fact Sony has selected us praising the technical and artistic quality of our work. We also had the privilege of showing a preview of our works in high definition on Blu-ray. This success has honored us in any way, and encourages us to continue this fascinating journey into the Art for a long time yet.

We also develop customized solutions of professional web management software.

Luca Moioli
Mail info@dvdart.it