Terms of Sale
On our website you can buy with credit card through the safe PayPal website by forwarding the total amount to the e-mail address info@dvdart.it (the shipment is done immediately the day after your payment).
The “General Terms of Sale” given below refer to the online purchase of products and services from the website www.DVDart.it owned by Luca Moioli

A – Acceptance of the General Terms of Sale
1. The contract undersigned between Luca Moioli and the Client will be effective when Luca Moioli accepts the order, even partly. This acceptance will be tacit unless the Client is informed otherwise in any way. By placing an order in one of the several envisaged modes, the Client implicitly accepts all specifications provided during the purchase procedure, and fully accepts the General Terms of Sale and Payment described below.

2. On completion of the online purchase procedure, the Client will be required to print and store these General Terms of Sale that s/he will already have read and accepted as a necessary phase of the purchase procedure, and product specifications of the item purchased, in order to fully meet the terms given in art. 4, 5, 52 and 53 of Legisl. Decree No. 206/2005.

3. The Purchaser is strictly forbidden to enter false, imaginary or third party data during the registration procedure that will mark the contract’s commencement. Luca Moioli reserves the right to legally pursue all violation and abuse, in the interest and for the protection of all customers.

4. The Client is not entitled to claim compensation for damages or for either direct or indirect damages to people and/or things – both inside and outside the contract – resulting from failure to accept or process even part of an order, and for any delays that cannot be blamed on Luca Moioli.

B – Purchase mode – Order acceptance / Closing the contract
1. The Client can only order products listed in the electronic catalogue published on the website www.DVDart.it at the time the order is presented, just as they are described in the Product Fact Sheet.

2. By placing the order the client sends Luca Moioli a purchase proposal for the selected product/s. Submission of the purchase order implies his/her consent to receive the following communications from Luca Moioli solely for the purpose of concluding and implementing the sales contract. Correct receipt of the order will be confirmed by Luca Moioli to the e-mail address given by the Client.

3. Luca Moioli reserves the unquestionable right to accept the client’s purchase proposal. In case of failure to accept the order, Luca Moioli will speedily inform the Client by e-mail.

4. Ordered items will only be forwarded when all requested products are available. Therefore, no partial mailing is envisaged.

C – Order cancellations
The order can be cancelled by sending an e-mail to info@DVDart.it within 24 hours after submission (calendar day).

D – Payment modes
1. PayPal
Clients who select the PayPal payment option will be directed to the PayPal login page on conclusion of the order processing phase.
On receipt of the order the established amount will be credited to Luca Moioli’s PayPal account.
If the order is cancelled (see paragraph C), either by the Client or due to Luca Moioli’s refusal to accept the order, the sum will be refunded to the Client’s PayPal account.

2. Bank transfer
All items ordered will only be sent after our bank has confirmed the payment.
If the order is cancelled (see paragraph C), either by the Client or due to Luca Moioli’s refusal to accept the order, the sum will be refunded to the client’s PayPal account.

E – Delivery methods and charges
1. For every order processed, Luca Moioli will issue an invoice for the mailed material. The invoice will be sent to the Purchaser’s e-mail address, pursuant to art. 14 of Presidential Decree No. 445/2000 and Law Decree No. 52/2004. The invoice will be based on information provided by the Client when the order is submitted. Invoice details will not be changed after the invoice is issued.

2. Standard delivery by insured priority mail.

3. Any damage to either the packaging and/or the product must be immediately reported within 7 days after receipt of the item by sending an e-mail to info@DVDart.it

F – Right of withdrawal
1. Pursuant to Legisl. Decree No. 206/2005, art. 64 and subsequent articles, if the Client is a customer (i.e. a physical person who purchases the goods for purposes that are not related to his professional activity, a person who does not provide a VAT number in the order form), he has the right to withdraw from the purchase contract for any reason, without being required to pay a fine, except for specifications in paragraph 3 below.

2. To exercise this right, the Client must send an e-mail to info@DVDart.it within 7 days after receipt of the goods  enclosing:
• a written, signed statement of the intention to exercise the right of withdrawal, specifying the item for which the procedure is applied;
• a copy of the original invoice;
• bank details for the money refund (i.e. IBAN code, account number and account holder).

3. The Right of Withdrawal is subject to the binding conditions listed below.
• It applies to the purchased product in its entirety; no partial withdrawals from part of the purchased product will be accepted (e.g. accessories, enclosed software, etc.).
• The Right of Withdrawal does not apply to audiovisual products (DVD) or sealed computer software (including those enclosed with hardware) once they have been opened or installed.
• The purchased item must be intact and returned in the original package, complete in all its parts (including packaging and any accessory documentation supplied: manuals, cables, etc.). We recommend placing it in a second box, when possible, to limit damages to the original package. No labels or adhesive tape must be directly applied to the product’s original package.
• Forwarding expenses to return goods will be paid by the Client.
• The forwarding process will be under the client’s total liability, until our warehouse confirms receipt.
• In case of damages to goods during transport, Luca Moioli will inform the Client of the event (within 5 working days from receipt of the goods in his warehouse) in order to speedily claim damages from the courier to obtain a refund of the value of the goods (if insured); in this case, the product will be placed at the disposal of the Client to be returned to him/her and the request for withdrawal will be concurrently cancelled.
• Luca Moioli will not answer in any way for either damages or the theft/loss of goods returned through uninsured forwarding procedures.
• Goods placed under the Right of Withdrawal must be returned to our warehouse within 7 calendar days after the date of authorisation for their return. After this date the item will be rejected and the withdrawal request will be cancelled.

4. Save any expenses incurred in to repair ascertained damage to the original package and/or internal packaging (e.g. cellophane, box, etc.), Luca Moioli will refund the Client the entire amount of the returned goods within 30 days after receipt by writing off the amount credited on his PayPal or bank account.

5. The Right of Withdrawal will be entirely forfeited if the basic conditions of integrity of the goods (e.g. package and/or contents) are not met; specifically, if Luca Moioli ascertains:
• the lack of the external package and/or original internal package;
• the absence of elements integrating the product (e.g. accessories, cables, manuals, parts, ...) or anomalies in the product itself;
• damage to the product wrought by causes other than its transport;
• damage to the external package that cannot be restored;
• that the product has been used, subject to wear and tear and altered compared to its original condition.
If the Right of Withdrawal is forfeited, Luca Moioli will return the purchased goods to the sender, charging him the delivery expenses.

G - Warranty
1. All products sold by Luca Moioli have a 24-month warranty for compliance defects, pursuant to Law Decree 24/02. The Client may access customer service during the warranty period by preserving all invoices received by e-mail in electronic PDF format.

2. Pursuant to Law Decree 24/02, the 24-month guarantee applies to products presenting a compliance defect, as long as the item is correctly used in compliance with its intended use and with specifications given in the enclosed technical documentation. This guarantee is reserved to the private Consumer (i.e. physical person who purchases the goods for purposes unrelated with his/her professional activity, who makes the purchase without specifying a VAT number in the order form). In case of a compliance defect, Luca Moioli will - without surcharges for the Client - restore the product’s compliance by repairing/replacing or reducing the price or by terminating the contract.

5. If, for any reason whatsoever, the Client cannot be given a guaranteed product (e.g. repaired or replaced), Luca Moioli may refund, at his discretion, the lower amount between the market price at the time of purchase and the invoiced price, or replace the item with a product that presents either the same or higher features, even of another brand.

6. No damage can be claimed from Luca Moioli for any delays in repairs or replacements.

7. If the warrantee requires the product to be returned, the Client will be required to place it in the original package, complete in every part (including packaging, any documentation and accessories, such as manuals, cables, etc...). We recommend placing it in a second box, when possible, to limit damages to the original package. No labels or adhesive tape must be directly applied to the product’s original package.

H – Privacy Clause
Personal data requested during the order placement will be stored by Luca Moioli and processed on IT media to meet obligations related to the contract closed with the Client. In no case will it be transferred to third parties. Luca Moioli guarantees compliance with personal processing regulations specified in Legisl. Decree No. 196 dated 30.06.2003.
The client has the right to withdraw his consent to personal data processing at any time by giving written notice to the e-mail address info@DVDart.it

I - Complaints
All complaints must be sent to the e-mail address info@DVDart.it

L – Applicable Law
The sales contract between the Client and Luca Moioli will be deemed as closed in Italy and regulated by Italian Law. The competent authority for any civil or penal controversies resulting from this ‘distance sales contract’ will be the Law Courts in the Client’s municipality of residence, if the Client is a consumer.

M - Terms
The terms of this contract can be amended by Luca Moioli with no forewarning, and they will apply from the date of publication on the website www.DVDart.it